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This is a Finnish family blog about very average parenting, which I've been writing for ten years now. The blog was a gift to me from my colleagues who wanted me to stay in touch when I started my maternity leave in 2007. Family life surprised me in many ways and that is how I found my sarcastic tone of voice in blogging.

Slowly this blog grew to be semipopular in the Finnish family blog genre and blogging started to require some time and effort. In 2011 writing turned into a half-job as I wrote a book about being (working) Mom of the Year with my colleague Satu Rämö. Then we wrote a sequel and today I started selling my first children's book!

Now, as I have quite a few non-Finnish friends, I have started to translate my posts in English, starting with the pregnancy weeks post, which is my most popular post ever. You can find them here. If you have favourite subjects, please tell me, I have basically written about everything...

My intention is to bring a smile on your face with my sarcastic, non-traditional observations on family life and some peer-support as well. Laughing at myself was the parenting skill nr. 1 and I love life with my big kids (doing the same). Enjoy!

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  1. Hei,
    Etsitkö laillista lainaa?
    Onko pankkisi kieltäytynyt sinulta?
    Tarvitset rahaa syystä tai toisesta.
    Olet vilpitön ja rehellinen
    Tarvitset lainaa maksaaksesi velkojasi, laskujasi tai
    toteuttaa projekti?
    Sinulla on aina mahdollisuus.
    Huolestuttavampaa on, että tarjoamme lainoja alkaen 5 000 €,
    nopea ja luotettava, 3 prosentin vuosikorolla. Me olemme
    Jos olet kiinnostunut, älä epäröi ottaa meihin yhteyttä suoraan.


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